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Before two or  three decades ago. When there was  no Smartphone in India that time it is hard to think about 5g mobile  phone also called( 5g Smartphone). When  journey of mobile phone begins.  Initially wired phone came  in existence and then wireless phone . As we all know technology was growing  up after 90s very fast. Suddenly Smartphone comes in  Existence   to change the world. And different generation of Smartphone comes in existence like 1g mobile phone, 2g mobile phone, 3g mobile phone, 4g mobile phone and now 5g mobile phone comes in market .which actually thrilled the global market. So welcome to 5g mobile phone   blog. Today we are going to discuss about vivo apex 5g mobile phone. Lets explore about vivo apex 5g mobile phone. Read the awesome article till end.

Vivo apex 5g mobile phone

Recently vivo announced officially to launch vivo apex 5g concept mobile phone during a launched event in Beijing  china. It is introduced with  many  great features. It Is a concept phone so launched date not set yet. It is another mystery that will it actually going to  launch.


Vivo apex has many great feature like it has not any physical button not any selfie camera too. It is a concept phone so we can say that some changes may  possible when till launch date. It is introduced with no port and no physical button. It is very special feature that it has no port. Vivo apex 2019 display designed without a notch or punch hole and it is packs with dual camera setup at the back side of phone.

It gives you connecting pins at the rare for charging and data transfer as well . And this Smartphone has full screen finger print it mean if you touch your finger anywhere in the screen it will unlock quickly. Full screen finger print sensor feature never came before in market vivo apex is first mobile phone which will provide you this  feature . If you are Smartphone lover it can be better deal  for you.

Display –

You will definitely  buy this Smartphone  after hearing its display size . vivo apex Smartphone has 6.39 inch big display. You can enjoy HD, 4k quality video in this phone . If you are game lover then it is also a great deal for you guys. Enjoy your game with high quality big display.

It has not any charging port, headphone jack and it does not support wireless charging  too. Well wait a minute I think a confusion is arise in your mind that how it will charge without any charging jack or wireless charging  ?. So don’t worry about it nothing is run without energy  . For charging this vivo apex Smartphone there is  a new technology is introduced first time in market at the back side of this smart phone a side magnetic connector is given. which is called mic port by company. You can charge your mobile phone through  this mic port and also  transfer your data with high speed.

vivo apex 5g price


This smart phone not contain any speaker. You will amazed again that a new technology again applied here for sound system .this technology  is called body sound casting technology. In vivo apex smart phone body sound technology is  used by which you can enjoy high quality audio.

How to lock and unlock  this mobile phone

As I already said that there is not any button in this smartphone. So question arise in your mind  that how to increase volume or  how to  lock or unlock vivo apex smartphone ?. So guys here a special feature given to you that  is  capacitive touch and pressure sensitive touch. At the edge of this vivo  apex smartphone pressure sensitive touch is given to you which increase its look and make this phone more and more smart. Some icon is given at the side of smartphone if you apply a little pressure by your finger this smarphone get unlock same procedure follow for volume too.


If you don’t know  what is processor let me explain briefly that what is processor stand for and why it is necessary?  . As we know that  computer or laptop contain a CPU.   And speed of your computer depend on your   CPU power   if your CPU has more powerful speed of your computer will be high. Similarly in mobile phone it is called processor and speed of your mobile phone depends on your mobile phone processor.

So   Vivo apex is comes in market with a new processor named as QUALCOMM Snapdragon 855 . this is latest processor in mobile phone which is highly efficient too. So if you buy this phone most probably it will never lag.

Most  useful thing that it will support 5g network. You all know that 5G is fastest network among all the network till now.


Lets talk about its RAM and internal storage . guys you will surprise to hear about its RAM and internal storage. it has 12GB huge RAM and 256/512GB internal storage by this great RAM and internal storage you can enjoy high quality game and record many videos. It is mini laptop itself. So don’t judge its storage. According to me this Smartphone will boom the market.


If we talk about its camera it is really amazing . this phone has 13+12MP dual real camera with LED flash light. It is not confirmed that you wil get selfie  camera or not in this Smartphone it is still hidden form public.

This is 5g mobile phone so no doubt about its battery backup because 5g technology is very fast it consume less  battery.


guys today we discussed about vivo apex Smartphone. In this post we saw vivo apex 5g mobile phone specification. And I gave full  review about vivo apex 5g mobile phone also  exposed its technology and features. I think this smartphone is smarter then other smartphone and this is going to spread all over global market though its launching date is not set yet most probably it will come till this summer. According to me this is best 5g smartphone . price of this 5g smartphone will set after its launching.

So I hope you will satisfied after reading this review. I will inform you soon regarding to vivo apex 5g Smartphone follow email.

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