Media Tek Helio P90 Processor Full information (5G Support)

Now Media Tek Helio P90 Processor will support 48 MP camera and google lens. Read it’s 8 major features.

Few days ago smartphone making company ‛Realme’ of China had presented its U1 smartphone with Helio P70 chipset in India. U1 is the first smartphone which had been presented with this chipset. We know that P80 is coming soon but company has not given any information regarding this.

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Now company has declared soon to present its powerful chipset Helio P90.

New Delhi (Tek desk) – To impact Qualcomm in mid range segment, MediaTek a chip maker company of Taiwan is slowly upgrading its chip. After Helio P70, now company has presented 12 nm Helio P90 chip. This new chipset will come with new fusion Al engine. Along with this google lens support has also been given in it. It works 15% fast from its  downgrading variant. What users will get new from this chip in lens smartphones, this information is provided below-

Media Tek Helio P90 :  What is new?

Company assured that Helio P90 is 15% better from its downgrade variant. This chipset uses fusion Al engine like upgraded elements. If seen mid- range phones are not fully capable to give better Al performance. In this condition Helio P90 chip can overcome Qualcomm in this segment. In fusion Al phone it will works to increase the function related to Al. Here I am giving you top 8 features of Helio P90 chipset –

Media Tek Helio P90
  1. Increases Al related functions in fusion Al phone. By this fusion Al architecture will help to give better Al performance to smartphones in which Al scene and object recognition are included.
  2. Photography done in less light will be made better by this chipset. This chipset will come along with intelligent noise reduction and light balancing features. Help to make better light of Al photos.
  3. Helio P90 is made with 12 NM fabrication process. It helps to give smartphones fast processing and better performance. This chipset support for the fast face unlock and better security features.
  4. MediaTek Helio P90 comes with better 8-core configuration and two cluster. Dual Cortex A75 course whose clock speed is 2.2 GHz,where 6 Cortex A55 course whose clock speed is 2 GHz is included in this.
  5. Helio P90 mostly comes with RAM storage.This processor available the LPDDR4X RAM storage till 8 GB.Along with this the processor also makes the availability of latest UFS 2.1 standard secure storage.
  6. Helio P90 chipset support 48 megapixel camera or 24 megapixel and dual rear camera of 16 megapixel. Along this, this chipset also support 480fps video.
  7. This chipset has been upgraded between category 7 to category 12. Its downstream peak download speed has increased to 600 Mbps.
  8. Helio P90 chipset does not support 5G. Its internal dual is made for VOLTE 4G.
Media Tek Helio P90

Eqipped upcoming smartphone from MediaTek Helio P90

This chipset will be given in a smartphone below the mid range category of 25000 rupees. Comparing with other processors this chipset comes along with some limitation of performance, imaging and connectivity. This chipset will be against of Snapdragon 670 Snapdragon 710. In the month of February 2019, less phone will be available at the market with this chipset.

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