Friends, many following questions would be arising in your mind.

  1. Which is the first 5G mobile phone or 5G smartphone going to be launched in India?
  2. When 5G mobile phone will launch in India?
  3. When 5G mobile phone would come in India?

Then friends,  you always be with this post and know which is the first 5G mobile phone to be in India.

All company desires to start launching their 5G mobile phone from March 2019. Now there is a look which company would first launch its 5G phone. Although many company started making their 5G phone like Nokia and Huawei  but through news
It has been come to be known that Lenovo company from China will first launch its 5G phone.

This information has been given from Chang Chaing a vice president of Lenovo.
He told that Lenovo will be the first company in world to launch 5G phone. He also said Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor will be in 5G mobiles which is going to be launched.

If you don’t have any information about Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor you can click here and know about it.

But Chang Chaing doesn’t told when will 5G mobile of Lenovo will be launch. Hope in March 2019 Lenovo will launch its 5G smartphone

First 5G Mobile Phone to be launch in India

Apart from Lenovo there are also many company who are making 5G smartphone in great speed. And from news,  it has came to be known that from March to May 2019  5G mobile will be started launching.
Other than Lenovo,  there are also some company which will launch 5G mobile phone 2019 whose list have been given below.

Upcoming 5G mobile phones list in India

Company Modal  Prosser Launch
Lenovo Z5 Pro 855 1-1-2019
Samsung Z5 Pro 855 10-6-2019
Huawei ME30 855 00-8-2019
One Plus Oneplus7 855 5-3-2019
Oppo 5g Fla… 855 2-2-2019
Honnor 5g Phone 855 16-4-2019
Apple iphone11 855 21-2-2019
Xiaomi mi mix3 855 00-9-2019
Sony xperia xz4 855 00-8-2019


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